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Is your daily stand-up a daily waste of time? – Magnus Dahlgren – Medium

Is your daily stand-up a daily waste of time? – Magnus Dahlgren – Medium

by admin1201October 31, 2017

If your stand-up feels like a waste of time, it probably is! Often, though, things can be a lot subtler than that. Maybe you do get some value out of it but have a nagging feeling you should be getting more.


The purpose of the daily stand-up is to provide a convenient way for the team members to coordinate their work. If that’s the case, why is it then that stand-ups can cause so much frustration or, worse, apathy?


Or the short daily status meeting where the project manager (who we might refer to dutifully as the product owner or scrum master because we are doing Scrum) get a progress report from each team member and then does a bit of micro management to ensure maximum efficiency.


Or you were in an incredibly “efficient” stand-up, blitzing through the team members’ updates: “Yesterday I worked on Jira XYZ-123, today I’ll do the same, no impediments, next!”. Box ticked. Was it really worth getting disrupted in the middle of whatever complicated problem you were trying to solve for that?


Maybe, the stand-up dragged on forever, with someone going on and on about the day before in such detail that you start wondering whether they will mention that they went to the toilet as well. Or a couple of people were discussing how to solve some admittedly important issue which was completely irrelevant to the rest of the team, who ended up blankly staring into the distance, thinking about what might be for lunch today and just wishing for the whole thing to be over.



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