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Controversial Voke Report Warns Agile Adopters

Controversial Voke Report Warns Agile Adopters

by admin1201October 31, 2017

Irrespective of what you call the process used, building good software is hard work and needs a multi-disciplinary team who work together to understand the customers' needs, design, build, test and prove the product. In my experience disciplined teams tend to produce products that do in fact work for their customers and deliver value for their organisations. The key to building good products is constant customer interaction, disciplined technical practices and team collaboration. To me that is the core of a effective Agile implementation.


The small sample size and what sounds like a very negative biased group (I haven't seen the full report so can't comment in depth about the sample selection) makes me wonder if they have deliberately looked for a controversial point of view with this survey.


(The subject line) may be true in certain, if not many cases, but like the other commenters mentioned, it's not grounds for halting the movement towards an Agile process. Every process fails if the people using it are not thoroughly indoctrinated into it or committed to following it. Based on many of the findings the survey reported, it's clear that many of the participants were not effectively indoctrinated into or committed to following the process. I bet if the same study tracked 200 projects moving from Agile to Waterfall the same results would be realized.


Those who go through their careers blaming others for their outcomes - a methodology, a bad manager, bad colleagues, bad customers, consultants, or even just a buzzword - will continue to achieve the same outcomes. Those who are interested in improvement will look beyond the buzzwords. Personally, I'm more interested in the latter. What is a survey if not the plural of "anecdote"?


"In our survey results we saw that the organizations that struggled the most with traditional projects, also struggled with Agile ... By contrast, organizations with the highest traditional success rates also had the most successful Agile projects"



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