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All the reasons Agile sucks!

All the reasons Agile sucks!

by admin1201October 31, 2017

Business had been built long before Agile and Scrum where even considered. The world is spinning and it’s going to spin regardless of Agile mentors. Examples of that can be found virtually everywhere.


You also cannot rely on every project to go smoothly. Estimating the time needed for development makes a big difference. In Agile, every phase of the project is under constant review. At any given point, it can be turned around and rewritten to match the current objectives and wishes of the Client. In opposite to waterfall and other methodologies where everything is fixed.


Agile promotes communication between stakeholders. Every time you have a question or hit a code-based wall, it’s only natural to just ask. The project develops naturally without any long-term plan. Because Agile presumes that long term planning is impossible due to everlasting circumstances, iteration and talking takes place all the time. One does not simply go into Mordor of code development armed only with words! Talking has never really defeated an orc (bug) or a Nazgûl (roadblock). You need to be prepared for this and make every stage of development count.


First of all, it changes the mindset, and it doesn’t take prisoners. Either you agree with its principles or you simply suffocate under a huge  pile of paper with printed and never used guidelines for the project. And it still sucks. Traditional methodologies like waterfall offer stability. The perpetual iteration of a project in Agile makes your head spin and nothing gets done. There is no stable path for improvement; daily scrum makes it challenging to talk about something constructive, because talking is all you do.


Kitchen is a crucial part of our company. Many arguments take place here, ideas are exchanged among the teams and sometimes even our parrot Bolo provides a little input. We like to believe his ideas are insightful. Once he even witnessed a discussion between some of our developers who represent a small, but exceptionally skilled wing of Agile skeptics. They do not share the opinion that Agile and Scrum are the best solution for tasks at hand. Overall, they seem not to appreciate the possibilities this methodology gives to developers.



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