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SCRUM Cold Turkey

SCRUM Cold Turkey

by admin1201October 5, 2017

Agile transformation is not rocket science and you don’t need a degree and a minimal experience of 5 years. Anyone who is willing can be involved in the transformation. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to learn the concepts. Agile is about self-organizing teams so why would that not apply to the Transformation team? It doesn’t need a Leader, at most it needs a Coach, available to everyone.

There are plenty of courses available online (some even for $29 / certification) and it’s a wise investment to have everyone involved enrolled. Get everyone familiar with the terminology and concepts before the transformation starts. Everyone involved then at least knows what everything means when the conversations start and it takes away the initial insecurity about the whole thing.

Going Cold-Turkey

Embrace the new methodology and make it the only one available. Scrap all previously used project artifacts, team structures, responsibilities, meetings, gate reviews, power structures etc.

Don’t try to re-write any documentation previously used to fit the new methodology. Basically don’t hold on to anything previously used.

Anything you’re used to will not be available. Not now and not in the future. You have to do with what you get now. Make it work. There is no way back… The Prince has gone down the waterfall and there is no way back. Accept it. If you can’t handle it, ask to be removed from the team.

‘I liked the PRINCE better, he had such a nice smile.’
‘Well, tough luck. Follow him down that waterfall. Adios Amiga.’

We tackle this change, this transformation the same as we would tackle any negative behavior in humans, by taking away the reward for that behavior.

This is the only way that humans change.

What rewards are we talking about?

No Project Manager means the organization will not have the reward of blaming one person for an unsuccessful project.

No comprehensive documentation means that there is no reward for that good feeling certain people get when they criticize other people’s hard work by using a red pen just for the sake of having to say something. There will be no novels to read, no politics to play. No holding off a sign off. No feeling of importance. Documentation will be different. Accept it.

Much more business involvement in getting the requirements right takes away the reward of blaming that contractor Business Analyst for not asking the right questions.

Self-organizing teams means that there is no reward for the senior manager who gets a good feeling every time he or she is asked to approve something. The reward of feeling important is diminished.

Self-organizing teams means that there is no reward for the developer when the business analyst has not been able to get further clarification on an issue. That rewarding feeling of blaming someone else for not being able to proceed. There is no sit back and wait until it’s in the document. Pick up that phone and call the expert yourself or better still, walk over and talk.

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