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Agile @ Lego – our slides from Passion for Projects

Agile @ Lego – our slides from Passion for Projects

by Henrik KnibergMarch 15, 2016

UPDATE Dec 2016: Wrote an article about LEGO’s agile journey, see here. Includes all of the material below, plus explanations and updates.

Here are the slides for our talk Agile @ Lego at Passion for Projects in Uppsala. Enjoyed discussing this stuff with project managers and the like from all sorts of industries. A common theme from the conference was the power of self-organization, and the role of leadership in creating the right context for self-organization to happen. Our talk provided a real-life large scale example of this.



Sample slides:

Agile @ Lego - KPI

Agile @ Lego - portfolio program team

Agile @ Lego - management review

Agile @ Lego - pulling from program backlog



Chinese translation

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